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BVA Overseas Travel Grants

The BVA overseas travel grants of up to £500 each are awarded annually to veterinary undergraduates involved in projects in developing countries.

Applicants must be attending a veterinary school in the United Kingdom and must be student members of the BVA. Applicants should be in their clinical years and should be undertaking a project which includes a strong element of agricultural development. The project should be of benefit both to the student and the country concerned.

TAWS/BVA Overseas Travel Grants

In addition to the BVA awards, the World Association for Transport Animal Welfare and Studies (TAWS) is making available two travel grants (of up to £500 each) to support veterinary undergraduates undertaking projects involving working transport animals or animals used for draught work during 2004.

The aim of TAWS is to promote improved management, health and welfare of transport and draught animals.

Many of the world's poorest people are dependent on horses, oxen, donkeys, camels, mules and buffaloes to cultivate land and transport goods and people. The charity concentrates on long term health, welfare and management programmes and focuses on methods of treatment and management which are technically, culturally and economically right for the users.

Harry Steele-Bodger Memorial Travel Scholarship

The Harry Steele-Bodger Memorial Fund was established in September 1953 to honour the memory of Henry W Steele-Bodger, President of the Association from 1939 to 1941, and Chairman of the Survey Committee from 1939 to 1946, in recognition of his great services to the veterinary profession and agriculture, more particularly during the war years of 1939 to 1945.

The scholarship is intended to assist a visit by an individual to a veterinary or agricultural school or research institute, or some other course of study approved by the governing committee. The award is open to graduates of the veterinary schools in the UK and Ireland who have been qualified not more than three years, and to penultimate and final-year students. Applicants must be members of the BVA. The sum available for the 2004 award is expected to be about £1100.

Further details and application forms can be downloaded from the BVA's
website, www.bva.co.uk <http://www.bva.co.uk>, or can be obtained from
Helena Cotton at the BVA, telephone 020 7636 6541, fax 020 7637 4769,
e-mail: helenac@bva.co.uk <mailto:helenac@bva.co.uk>. The closing date for
applications is February 27, 2004.