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The AVS Committee (2003-2004)

The AVS Committee is made up of an Executive (elected at Congress) and two representatives from each school. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you have a query, contribution or difficulty. The Committee meets three times a year to organize AVS events, discuss problems/developments at the various colleges and in the profession as a whole. These meetings enable the student bodies at the colleges to work and campaign together for necessary changes and to exchange ideas and possible solutions to problems.


Fiona McFarland
AVS President
· Represent AVS on BVA council and other functions
· Public spokesperson for AVS
· Chair all AVS Committee meetings
e-mail: fm9708@bris.ac.uk

Tom Forsyth
Senior Vice President
Provide advice and guidance to the AVS committee and particularly the president

e-mail: tf8891@bris.ac.uk


Rochelle Lewis
Junior Vice President/
Bristol Senior
· Prepare for presidency
· Represent AVS on BVA's Members' Services Group
e-mail: sl0241@bris.ac.uk

Rowena Merrick
AVS Secretary
· Organise AVS committee meetings and write minutes
· Attend BVA committee meetings
e-mail: R.P.Merrick@sms.ed.ac.uk

Erika Smith
AVS Treasurer/
Cambridge Senior
· Keep accurate accounts on behalf of the Association
· Ensure all subs are collected from the vet schools


Doug Crockett
JAVS Senior Editor
· Collect material from each vet school for the Journal
· Promote the Journal of AVS

Susan Fitzharris
· Attend IVSA meetings and functions on behalf of AVS
· Promote IVSA amongst veterinary schools
e-mail: 0006671f@gla.ac.uk

Andrew Fiske-Jackson

Animal Welfare Rep
· Spokesperson for Animal Welfare Charities
e-mail: vs0u90ca@liv.ac.uk

James Poff

Website Rep

e-mail: vs0u90d5@liv.ac.uk

James Marsden

Bristol Junior

e-mail: jm1041@bristol.ac.uk


Claire Underwood

Cambridge Junior

e-mail: cu205@cam.ac.uk

Bena Rafferty

Dublin Senior

e-mail: benarafferty@hotmail.com

Kate Manners

Edinburgh Senior

e-mail: kathrynmanners@hotmail.com


Scott Kilpatrick

Edinburgh Junior

e-mail: scottthevet@hotmail.com

Anna Watters

Glasgow Senior

e-mail: annaspanner69@yahoo.co.uk

Ian Cure

Glasgow Junior

e-mail: 0105446c@student.gla.ac.uk

Simon Ratcliffe

Liverpool Senior

e-mail: vs0u0061@liv.ac.uk


Ollie Tilling

Liverpool Junior

e-mail: olivertilling@hotmail.com

Ian Beamish

London Senior

e-mail: ibeamish@rvc.ac.uk

Sian Stevens

London Junior

e-mail: sstevens@rvc.ac.uk

Derek Thorpe

BVA Student Liason

e-mail: derekt@bva.co.uk

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