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New InfoClick here for full ESSG proposals on the RCVS website

The RCVS has set out proposals for Veterinary Education and Training in the future. The Education Strategy Steering Group (ESSG) have produced a document which can be read on the RCVS website (click the icon on the right to view the ESSG pages).

Some of the proposals include:
· Changes to the Veterinary undergraduate course
· Professional Training Programme (PTP) where new graduates are supported in a registered practice under a structured system that provides guidance and appraisal. At the end of the first year a 'Year 1 competance' will be achieved
· Practices becoming registered in a certain area of Veterinary Medicine
· Continued Professional Development (CPD) to become compulsory
· Revalidation of license to practice during your working years

The BVA and RCVS are keen for student feedback on any of the proposals in the ESSG document. If you would like to voice your opinions or suggestions then please forward them to your AVS rep.

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