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Social Events

On a social level, the AVS organizes one event per term each academic year, which circulate around each of the UK and Ireland Vet Schools.

1st Term
Sports Weekend - This is a huge gathering and includes inter-college sports and general drinking and partying. The sports weekend is an informal occasion - not for the fainthearted!!! The AVS Committee holds a full meeting at this event.

2nd Term
AVS Congress and AGM - Exchange the sports events above for a series of light-hearted talks and a debate on an important issue of the day. Previous topics have included 'The Relevance of Veterinary Education' and 'Animal Transplantation'. There is also a formal black tie ball on the Saturday evening.

3rd Term
Riding Weekend - A slightly (but not much more!) serious event. It is an inter-college riding competition and most people attend to compete. However, it is always good to have supporters present and also to join in the evening social events.

In May the AVS Committee meet for the last time of the academic year to discuss and finalise any AVS business and student issues before going away for the summer months. Click here to find out more about the committee.

It's not all about the sports weekend....




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